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Whether you are:


  • A foreign professional or investor wanting to emigrate to the United States
  • A US company looking to sponsor a qualified worker from overseas
  • A US visa holder, permanent resident or family member needing assistance with their application…

We are here to guide you throughout your immigration journey.

Consult with us and we’ll help you design a comprehensive immigration plan based on your unique needs.

A Full-Service Business Immigration Law Firm

Our firm is fully committed to the success of every case and the satisfaction of each client. We handle all applications, related documentation, and appointment reminders in a proactive and timely manner so things proceed smoothly – and you can breathe easy.

Over the years we have become a trusted partner to thousands of Miami firms and individuals, successfully handling even the most complex immigration matters during our nearly 20 years in operation.


  • Success rate above 95%
  • 5 star average reviews
  • Trusted by thousands of clients

Your Strategic Initial Consultation

Before we commit to your case, we will meet with you (either in our Miami offices or online) to understand current status, goals, priorities, future plans, and any possible obstacles along the way. Even when a case seems simple on the surface, it’s usually worth exploring any possible hidden factor that may eventually affect one of the parties involved, such as the employee, the employer, or a family member.

Planning your immigration journey in detail is important, and putting in the effort now will help avoid surprises months or years down the line.

Our Guarantee

Because we invest considerable time and effort in our strategic initial meeting we are not able to offer free consultations. However, if we find that your case would be best handled by a firm that specializes in a different aspect of immigration law, we’re happy to provide referrals and refund your consultation fee.

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How We Are Different

Whether we are working with a company representative applying on behalf of a worker, or directly with an individual applicant, our aim is to make the entire process as simple and stress-free as possible, anticipating and preventing issues before they arise.

Businesses and workers alike have a lot hinging on a successful resolution of their immigration procedures, so we don’t make our clients wait and worry when they have an important question. We give them our principal attorney’s email, and they can ask away even after hours.

After all, we know it’s difficult not knowing exactly how or when your application will be processed: we are immigrants too.

Your Immigration Consultants

In order to better help our clients now and for years to come, we are constantly learning what’s new in US immigration, whether it’s updated processing times, new regulations, or changed application requirements. There is a lot to keep up with, and it’s what we do every day. Then, we’re always happy to share our knowledge with you anytime you ask, or whenever it can help you achieve your immigration objectives. To schedule a consultation or ask a question, simply fill out the form. We look forward to hearing from you.


At Cifuentes Marrero P.A. we help global professionals acquire US work visas and investor visas, adjust their immigration status, reunite with family, and become US citizens; we also counsel U.S. firms in obtaining visas for employees, executives, intracompany transfers, NAFTA professional workers, and more.

For Companies

Whether this is the first time you hire a qualified worker from abroad or have an established system in place, we are happy to lend our expertise to help you simplify and streamline the sponsorship process.

For Professionals

Emigrating to the United States (or deciding to stay and adjust status) is a big decision, and we are here to assist you and your family in considering all your options.

Immigrant Visas

Learn about the types of visas that allow you to live in the United States permanently, acquire a Green Card (also known as Permanent Resident Card), and follow the path to citizenship.

Nonimmigrant Visas

If you are looking to visit the US for a specific purpose (like a work assignment or event), and later return to your country of origin, a nonimmigrant visa may be right for you.

Visas for Family Members

These visas allow family members (i.e., spouse and unmarried children under 21, also known as dependents) to accompany a US visa holder to the United States.

Work Visas

When looking to emigrate to the United States for work purposes, one of these visas might be a good fit for you. Here is our overview.

Investor Visas

Should you have investment capital to use to create or purchase a US enterprise, you may be able to qualify for a temporary or permanent investor visa.


As a businessman they have provided my company with knowledgeable and very valuable advice. We have worked with them since 2016 and we are very pleased with the results.


Fully recommended. Excellent immigration attorney firm. Maria and her team took care of my process from H1B all the way to my green card. Thanks guys, you´re the best.


Maria and her Team have immense understanding of the Immigration process, anyone can rely upon them for immigration issues without doubt